(Sh)Rug it off

Rugs are the modern piece de resistance in many homes. Innovating with rug patterns changes the whole vibe of a ...
Home Decor

When the side is the center of attention

Sideboards are excellent for your storage needs. They can fit neatly in your living room or off to the side ...

The art of the many.

The concept of nuclear families, while not widespread in India, is gradually being adopted by most in urban areas. Truthfully, ...

Talking REITs and InvITs

Purchasing real estate is an expensive proposition for most new investors due to high capital commercial real estate, and practically ...

Wallpaper, not just for your walls.

  Wallpaper is a novel concept for most of us. We all know what it is, but we don’t necessarily ...

8 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

Every summer, the heat rolls around and everyone agrees that this summer is going to be the hottest yet. Global ...
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