Sunny side up

Summer’s almost done and it’s giving way to cooler months to come. Should you still use sunscreen? Absolutely. The reason being, ...

DIY Ideas for Indian Homes

We weren’t kidding when we said DIY. These ideas are very much doable, using things that may be lying in ...

Top 7 things to look for when buying a home

In times of endless options and a burgeoning real estate market, the search for the perfect home can be daunting. ...

Hold up! Is that a teacup?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got your fair share of cups and saucers tucked away nicely. Whether they came ...

(Sh)Rug it off

Rugs are the modern piece de resistance in many homes. Innovating with rug patterns changes the whole vibe of a ...
Home Decor

When the side is the center of attention

Sideboards are excellent for your storage needs. They can fit neatly in your living room or off to the side ...
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